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  Our Environmental Policy

Candeo Vision is dedicated to the continual improvement of its environmental efficiency.
A core area of our business is the supply and installation of video conferencing systems. This is in itself a green method of facilitating people to conduct distance meetings without any form of travel. When completing justification exercises for perspective clients we calculate not only the savings in time and money but also the reduction in carbon emissions to be gained by deploying this type of technology.
A critical factor in the selection of our key suppliers is their commitment to environmental responsibility.

All stationery, toners, mail and packing are recycled where possible and all supplied from renewable sources, where possible.
Where possible computers, printers and other electronic items are switched off, or at a minimum automatically revert to low power standby when not in use.

In an effort to reduce paper consumption we prefer to email price lists, proposals, quotations and specifications. We use minimal packaging and wherever possible packaging is re-used. All paper and packaging from our offices is re-used and recycled. Our aim is always to reduce waste, re-use first, re-cycle second.

Mindful of our carbon footprint, Candeo Vision uses local suppliers wherever possible. As much as possible we aim to group deliveries, thereby reducing the cost to the client and the environment.
As a supplier and installer of videoconferencing technology we encourage regular meetings, where possible, with suppliers and customers are held in this way to minimise travel and ultimately the cost to the environment.

We conserve electricity by stressing the importance of energy efficiency when buying tools and machinery, light fittings and other energy consuming items. We conserve electricity with constant monitoring of the use of lighting, heating and water conservation.
Candeo Vision Environmental Protection Policy